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We are so lucky to have such great customers who love to share their chook stories with us. Here are a few to share with you...

In a town we visit there is the loveliest lady who has quiet a lot of chooks. She loves her chooks and spends a lot of time observing them.. She knows most of their quirks and can even tell the ones who have the most pain when laying Ha.  Well she had one just recently who was eating her own eggs, in the past she has tried the curried egg trick  and that hasn't worked so she decided to  try the scare method ,so she  sat beside the chook while she was laying  and waited. Well  when the chook had layed the egg and went to pick it up and eat it ..This lovely lady grabbed the hen by the throat and held he up for the count of 12  then let her go. WELL IT WORKED ! Scared the .... out of the hen and it hasn,t eaten  an egg since .

..This actually happened to ME! (Judi the Wheat Lady) while we were at Braidwood last weekend 23/1/2010. Well we had arrived on Friday afternoon and had planned to stay the night so that we could be bright and early for the Braidwood markets on the Saturday.Well both Ken and I decided to explore the town - even though it was 105 degrees in the shade. One of the places that I ventured into was a lolly shop. Now I swear that I was just LOOKING. Now while I was in there ..just looking..I overheard  a lady say as she was just about to leave " Got to rush' have to check on the Chooks.. Bye". Well here was an opportunity too good to miss. So I very politely introduced myself"Hello my name is Judi and I could't help overhearing about your Chooks." "We have come all the way from The Rock with our wheat and will be at the Braidwood market in the morning so if you need any wheat for your chooks  come along and see us."
"Well thanks very much..  but I don't think these chooks will be wanting any wheat because they are IN THE OVEN!"
Ha Ha Ha I laughed as much as she did .

Then we have the customer who decided to wash her chooks. She had about a dozen or so and all went well the first time she washed them. She was so pleased with the lovely shiny feathers that she decided to make this a frequent  event.Well that was great , but the chooks had different ideas. The next time washing day came around she went out to the back yard to round up the chooks   (wearing her  trusty rubber gloves ). Well once the chooks caught sight of those rubber gloves they took off ......under the car  they went and would not budge. No amount of persuasion would make them come out  so washing day  had to be abandonded. I would say the chooks had a win that day.

Do you have a story

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